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Dear colleagues,

During the summer, the Provost’s Office sent out information and resources about using generative AI in academic settings, based in part on initial work done by the UNC Generative AI Committee. The committee’s charge does not include developing university-wide generative AI policies, but does include supporting each school as it develops its own policies appropriate to its needs.

Members of the College’s AI Committee, some of whom also served on the University AI committee, developed College of Arts and Sciences Student Use Guidelines for Generative AI, which is attached and can also be found online here    

Starting with the Spring 2024 semester, it will be a requirement for instructors in the College of Arts and Sciences to include a Student AI Use statement on their course syllabi. The attached guidelines are a useful model for such statements, and give instructors wide latitude to craft Student AI Use statements that are appropriate for their courses. If you would like to implement this guidance this semester and notify your students of an update to your syllabus, you are welcome to do so.

I would like to thank the members of the College’s AI Committee—Matt Kotzen (philosophy), Jenni Spangenberg (Office of Student Conduct), Marissa Stewart (Center for Faculty Excellence), Kim Abels (Writing and Learning Center), Michael Vazquez (Parr Center for Ethics), Daniel Szafir (computer science), Dan Anderson (Digital Innovation Lab and English and Comparative Literature), Nick Siedentop (Office of Undergraduate Curricula), and Viji Sathy (Office of Undergraduate Education)—for their diligent work on this effort.

If you have any questions or feedback about the guidelines, please email



James W.C. White
Craver Family Dean
College of Arts and Sciences

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