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Gabrielle Calvocoressi sitting in a plush blue chair in front of a stark brick background.

Poetic portals

Gabrielle Calvocoressi, associate professor in the department of English and comparative literature, uses poetry to revisit the people they have lost, unpack their feelings around gender and identity and recognize the small joys of everyday life.

A collage shows a line drawing of a basketball player shooting a basketball into a hoop from different angles.

AI Training with a Human Touch

UNC is transforming AI’s future with a human-centric approach in the Ego-Exo4D project, led by an international consortium of 14 universities in partnership with Meta AI.

Conor Kerr sits in front of exhibits at the Carolina Basketball Museum.

Conor Kerr is teaming up student statisticians with UNC’s varsity sports

A junior, Kerr founded the Sports Analysis Intelligence Laboratory to connect undergraduates with a passion for statistics with opportunities through Carolina Athletics.

Senay Yitbarek stands in front of a Galapagos sign.

Seed grant funds biology professor’s Galapagos research

Thanks to a Center for Galapagos Studies seed grant, Senay Yitbarek traveled to the Galapagos this summer to conduct research on host-pathogen dynamics on San Cristobal Island.

Headshot of Ari Green leaning on a railing in a Chapel Hill neighborhood

‘Root shock’

Graduate student Ari Green is studying the experiences of Black people being displaced from their homes and communities in three urban areas.

Headshot of Alexandrea Ravenelle outdoors

Precarious workers in unprecedented times

Alexandrea Ravenelle’s latest book explores how COVID-19 affected the most vulnerable wage-earners.

A group of people stand on a black box theater stage smiling at the camera.

Oral histories of Black trailblazers brought to life by student performers Nov. 30 and Dec. 1

A performance woven from extensive oral histories of Institute of African American Research (IAAR) leaders will be brought to life by student performers in a public performance Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.


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