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Navin Bapat teaches "International Relations and World Politics" summer school class in 2019.

U.S. News rankings

Many of our graduate programs are highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Following are the most recent rankings available of top-30 graduate programs in the College of Arts & Sciences. (Visit U.S. News for a complete list of rankings, including undergraduate, global and other category rankings, and read about rankings of other schools at UNC-Chapel Hill.

  • Biology
    • Overall, tied for 25th
    • Cell biology, tied for 18th
    • Ecology, tied for 12th (This ranking is shared with the College’s Ecology, Environment and Energy Program.)
  • Chemistry
    • Overall, tied for 16th
    • Analytical, 2nd
    • Inorganic, 12th
    • Organic, 18th
    • Physical, 21st
  • Computer Science
    • Overall, tied for 27th
  • Economics
    • Overall, tied for 30th
  • English
    • Overall, tied for 20th
    • American Literature after 1865, 13th (tie)
  • History
    • Overall, tied for 11th
    • African American History – 10th (tie)
    • European History – 12th (tie)
    • Latin American History – 10th (tie)
    • Modern U.S. History – 7th (tie)
    • S. Colonial History – 8th (tie)
    • Women’s History – 9th (tie)
  • Mathematics
    • Overall, tied for 30th
    • Applied Math, 12th
  • Political Science
    • Overall, tied for 12th
    • American Politics – 11th (tie)
    • Comparative Politics – 15th
    • International Politics – 24th (tie)
    • Political Methodology – 18th (tie)
  • Psychology
    • Overall, tied for 12th
    • Clinical psychology, 2nd
  • Public Affairs
    • Overall, tied for 19th*
      As part of the public affairs category, U.S. News ranked Carolina programs and specialty areas based in the School of Government and the College of Arts & Sciences’ department of public policy. The following apply to the College’s offerings:

        • Environmental Policy and Management, tied for 14th
        • Public Policy Analysis, 29th
  • Sociology
    • Overall, 7th
    • Sociology of Population – 6th
    • Social Stratification – 12th
  • Statistics
    • Overall, tied for 11th

Other rankings

Some of our College departments and programs have been highly ranked by other organizations. Here are some recent rankings.