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Clark Gray stands in front of two large maps colored orange.

Data Displaced

When natural hazards destroy homes and livelihoods, where do people go? Geographer Clark Gray searches for them using data.

Kathleen Mullan Harris sits at her desk with her computer screens in the background.

Researchers receive $25.3 million to study potential risks for Alzheimer’s disease

UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke scholars have received a five-year, $25.3 million National Institute of Aging (NIA) award to address gaps in our understanding of potential risks for Alzheimer’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease- related dementias (AD/ADRD).

Ruitian Yan stands outside near the water.

Environmental scientist looks at climate from all angles

Incoming doctoral student Ruitian Yan wants to help vulnerable communities safely manage their risks, including financial.

Study: Sea level rise shifts habitat for endangered Florida Keys species

A new study describes the response to sea level rise by an endangered species only found in the Florida Keys. Paul Taillie, the lead author, completed the study as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Florida and is now an assistant professor of geography at UNC.

Alison Curry stands outside in a cemetery.

Research Uncovered: Alison Curry

Alison Curry studies the ritual, spatial, and functional uses of Jewish cemeteries in Poland between the interwar period and WWII.

A flooded city is surrounded by trees and buildings under water.

Digital resource helps community planners prep for natural disasters

The Coastal Resilience Center has launched a website to help communities plan for and evaluate hazards like hurricanes and wildfires. Phil Berke in the College of Arts and Sciences is a leader of the project.

Fitz Brundage sits on a chair turned backward in the middle of Epilogue Books, surrounded by books.

Southern history revisited

A groundbreaking volume weaves a new narrative of the South from its ancient past to the present, drawing on top scholars’ work in global and Atlantic world history, histories of the African diaspora and environmental history.