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Michael McFee sits in front of a bookshelf in an office.

Bookmark This

Bookmark This is a feature that highlights new books by College faculty and alumni, published the first week of each month. This month’s featured book is “A Long Time to Be Gone” (Carnegie Mellon University Press) by poet Michael McFee.

Geoff Sayre-McCord teaches a philosophy class in 2018. Photo by Donn Young.

Philosophy professor Geoff Sayre-McCord makes the abstract accessible … and fun

The Thomas Jefferson Award winner’s “Geoffervescence” is “a tremendous asset to philosophy as an academic field.”

An illustration of the interior of Jane Austen's writing room at Chawton Cottage. There's a portable writing desk, a chair, a bookcase, paintings on the wall, etc.

Jane Austen’s Desk

A new NEH grant will support UNC scholars’ creation of an immersive web environment designed to bring Jane Austen’s writing room — and her world — to life.

Tirah Phillips sings into a microphone while Katrina Bond and Marc Durham lean over recording equipment. Three other Hip Hop Ensemble members are in the background.

Music curriculum spans genres, includes applied learning

With IDEAs in Action courses, faculty give students immersive experiences, hands-on training and ways to make new connections.

Lauren sits on the floor interviewing interviewing the resident monk at Deva Dharma Mahavihar, a Buddhist monastery located in front of the stupa.

3D imaging project brings Nepali sacred site to life

Religious studies scholar Lauren Leve partnered with a computer science class last semester to further her ongoing work to create an annotated 3D model of Swayambhunath, an ancient holy site in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley.

Gwendolyn Schwinke sits at a desk instructing two actors seating across from her.

The art of acing the accent

Learn how student-actors training with Carolina’s PlayMakers Repertory Company learn their characters’ dialects, and meet the Carolina faculty member who fine-tunes their accents to create an authentic sound.

Ariana Vigil sitting with one arm on her desk.

Creating community in the classroom

Ariana Vigil teaches and conducts research in Latina/o literature, militarization, and gender and sexuality.