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Tyger Hanback in his Marching Tar Heels uniform

A Tar Heel for life

Senior Tyger Hanback shares his Carolina journey as an admissions ambassador and a member of the Marching Tar Heels and a few of his friends share their favorite memories of UNC, too, in this video blog.

Jane Reichard works on a costume

Graduate student Jane Reichard finds a common thread in science and art

After earning a degree in biochemistry as an undergraduate, graduate student Jane Reichard pursued her passion for costume production at Carolina, where she has been bringing a scientific eye to costume creation.

Shai Nickerson stands smiling in a yard full of trees.

Remember your resiliency and strength

We interviewed four graduating seniors about their experience at Carolina. Here are their stories and the advice they would give to fellow graduates. Shai Nickerson’s Carolina story is one of extremes: She once spent two weeks living in a mountain cave in Nepal as part of a Buddhist meditation retreat, taking a vow of silence, shutting down all technology and … Read more


English students journal their way into history

The primary source journals written by Jordynn Jack’s class will provide valuable insight into daily life during the COVID-19 pandemic for future historians.

Images of the Great Plague in London in 1665.

Exploring contagion through the lens of Shakespeare

We recently chatted with Floyd-Wilson about the relevance of the book Contagion and the Shakespearean Stage in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Triffin Morris' work space for teaching remotely. (Image courtesy of Triffin Morris)

Carolina People: Triffin Morris and Jennifer Bayang

Morris and Bayang found a way for costume production students to finish their projects remotely by mailing them sewing supplies and equipment.

Caela O'Connell

Pandemic Lessons

College of Arts & Sciences faculty are pivoting their course content to address issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching students to think creatively and to conduct research to benefit communities.