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When most club-level indie-rock musicians hit the road to go on tour, they tend to play a straightforward schedule of nightclub venues. But UNC professor Florence Dore rolls a bit differently when it comes to touring endeavors.

After releasing her most recent album in 2022, Dore undertook a tour that was equal parts conventional rock-band outing and traveling liberal-arts symposium. Whatever the stage, her performances included a lot of talk about the intersection of literature with rock and roll – the place where she lives and works.

“Even though I was on sabbatical from teaching at UNC, I was still teaching a lot all over,” Dore says. “It was a fabulous balance between both endeavors, music and literature, weighted more toward rock shows. It was an eye-opening experience.”

“It was pretty cool that UNC helped support this public humanities project,” she added. “I had amazing conversations in the most unlikely places, like parking lots in Alabama.”

Orange County Arts Commission