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Matthew Wood sits in front of his computer at home, where the words "The Stream of Positivity" are up on the screen.

Health and happiness amid the pandemic

How do you stay healthy and happy when the world is turned upside down? Students in the interdisciplinary “Understanding Health and Happiness” Triple I class are now putting all of the concepts they’ve been learning over the course of the semester to the test.

William Sturkey (photo by Grant Halverson)

Sturkey wins Zócalo Book Prize for “Hattiesburg”

William Sturkey, a historian in UNC’s College of Arts & Sciences, has won the 10th annual Zócalo Public Square Book Prize for “Hattiesburg: An American City in Black and White.”


Biomechanics on the Fly

A first-of-its-kind study by Pranav Khandelwal and Tyson Hedrick went deep into the Indian jungle to capture and analyze the biomechanics behind the death-defying glides of Draco dussumieri.

engin and workers

Animals that Fueled the World

UNC researchers Benjamin Arbuckle and Heather Lapham use ancient animal remains, texts, and iconography to understand how relationships with animals changed peoples’ lives and the world.

Hosts Matthew Andrews and Jonathan Weiler podcasting, before social distancing became the norm.

College launches new podcast series, ‘COVID Conversations’

The College of Arts & Sciences is launching “COVID Conversations: Society, Politics and Economics amid the COVID-19 Pandemic,” a podcast series designed to help listeners make sense of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first episode launches Thursday, April 16.

Images of the Great Plague in London in 1665.

Exploring contagion through the lens of Shakespeare

We recently chatted with Floyd-Wilson about the relevance of the book Contagion and the Shakespearean Stage in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic.


Building resilience for challenging times

Carolina psychologist Andrea Hussong offers tips on building resiliency while we juggle work, home life and a new isolation.