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closeup of arthritis researcher Brian Diekman in his lab.

Mastering the mechanics of mobility

As a biomedical engineer, Brian Diekman is committed to figuring out exactly why and how the tissue between our joints degrades over time. His research may lead to less pain and more mobility for millions of Americans living with osteoarthritis.

magic of classics

The Magic of Classics

Classicists help connect our lives to those of the ancient world, but in Suzanne Lye’s course on magic and religion, her students do more than just connect — they create.

closeup of two hands holding a healthcare worker face shield made by BeAM.

‘There’s work to be done’

BeAM and medical students team up with Duke, NC State to design and produce face shields for healthcare workers.

Music faculty and staff meet via Zoom. Photo shows a screenshot of faces.

Remote learning begins with successes, surprises

A look at how Carolina’s faculty and students are responding to remote teaching and learning in the first few days.

Jon Abramowitz

How stressed should we feel right now?

Jon Abramowitz is a professor of clinical psychology and an expert in anxiety disorders. He addresses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our daily lives – including how isolation and social distancing affects our routines.

Old Well and tulips

Revised Pass/Fail Grading Policy for Spring and Summer 2020 FAQ for Students

An FAQ for undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences about the revised grading policy for spring 2020.

closeup of a dollar bill under a microscope

Johnny Appleseed of Science

UNC-Chapel Hill biologist Bob Goldstein leads DIY microscope-building workshops to empower North Carolina public school teachers.

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