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Massey Award winner Steve Davis (left, foreground) in the Hamilton archaeology archive. (photo by Donn Young)

Excavating the past to serve the future

Massey Award winner Steve Davis has dedicated his life to preserving the history of North Carolina’s Native American peoples for future generations.

Artist’s interpretation of the explosion of a recurrent nova, RS Ophiuchi. This is a binary star in the constellation of Ophiuchus and is approximately 5,000 light-years away. It explodes roughly every 20 years when the gas flowing from the large star that falls onto the white dwarf reaches temperatures exceeding ten million degrees.

Class of stellar explosions found to be galactic producers of lithium

A team of researchers has combined theory with both observations and laboratory studies and determined that a class of stellar explosions, called classical novae, are responsible for most of the lithium in our galaxy and solar system.

Jonathan Abramowitz

Jonathan Abramowitz receives 2020 Faculty Award for Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring

Jonathan S. Abramowitz, professor of psychology and neuroscience in the College of Arts & Sciences and director of the UNC Anxiety and Stress Disorders Clinic, has received The Graduate School’s 2020 Faculty Award for Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring.

image of album covers

What we’re listening to in quarantine

Eyes tired from Zoom meetings? Ready to chill with something other than Netflix? Try these faculty album recommendations. With folks stuck at home and summer concert tours canceled, The Well wondered what albums the music department faculty have turned to for respite and release while sheltering at home this spring. Here’s what they had to say. Music professor David Garcia … Read more

photo of a man driving a car

Gig workers face more risks than most during pandemic

New York City is home to approximately 150,000 gig workers — independent contractors who perform odd jobs through online platforms like Rover, Task Rabbit, GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber, and Lyft. While an essential part of the economy, such workers are more exposed to the virus and often lack the protections afforded to permanent employees such as access to health benefits, paid … Read more

Cassandra R. Davis will lead a team of researchers in examining the impact of COVID-19 on college persistence among first-generation college students.

Calculating COVID-19’s educational costs

Cassandra R. Davis studies the impact of natural disasters on schools and communities. Now the public policy professor is turning her attention to the impact of another kind of disaster — a global pandemic — on first-generation college students.

Catya McMullen (left) with Jenna Worsham.

Helping hungry kids

The Homebound Project, an online theater initiative co-founded by Carolina alumna and playwright Catya McMullen, is raising money to help feed children affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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