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The cast of Stick Fly sits around a table.

PlayMakers Repertory Company Presents “Stick Fly” by Lydia R. Diamond

The “dramedy” explores the timeless theme of family ties that challenge, delight and frustrate as the LeVay brothers return to the family beach house with their new girlfriends. On-stage performances will begin on Tuesday, Jan 25.

Screen capture of a young woman out in the water dressed in a winter hat collecting water samples.

A classroom on the Core Sound

More than a dozen Tar Heels spent last semester on the coast taking classes and conducting real-world research on a new issue impacting the barrier islands of the Cape Lookout National Seashore.

Emily Harmon wading in knee-deep water with a rope tool

Disassembling Evolution’s Engine

When a research project centered on evolution within spadefoot toads fell through, Emily Harmon shifted her focus to microscopic swimmers called rotifers. The biology PhD student is studying an animal’s ability to adapt in one generation, which could inform conservation efforts in the face of climate change.

Graphic shows a drawing of South Building with the words 2022 University Teaching Awards above it.

Teaching Awards honor 25 educators

Selected from more than 800 nominations, the winners of the 2022 University Teaching Awards will receive special recognition at the Jan. 15 men’s basketball game. Many of the winners are in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Eclipsing $4.25 billion

The Campaign for Carolina meets a milestone goal one year early and continues with renewed focus on scholarships and school and unit priorities.

A headshot of Kayla Locklear with the text "#GDTBATH" in the top corner

#GDTBATH: Kyla Locklear

Since she first arrived in Chapel Hill, junior Kyla Locklear has been dedicated to bringing awareness to Carolina’s Native American community. The UNC American Indian Center quickly became the perfect place for Locklear to work toward that goal.

Brian Lerch stands in front of an enlarged image of colorful beetles.

The Smorgasbord Scientist

Why do some organisms live in groups? What influences their cooperation with one another? How do they choose their mates? PhD student Brian Lerch has a lot of questions about ecology and evolutionary biology — and he strives to answer them using math.

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