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Earth, marine and environmental sciences graduate student Sarah Wells-Hull, left, puts her hand on the Little River fault after an earthquake at Sparta, North Carolina, ruptured the ground in 2020. Ashley Lynn, right, works in the trench dug to expose the fault.

Research on rare NC earthquake aids preparation, forecasting

Two years after a 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit Sparta, North Carolina, professor Kevin Stewart’s research shows why the event was unique and important.

A headshot of Snigdha Chaturvedi

An interview with Snigdha Chaturvedi

Chaturvedi is an assistant professor of computer science in the UNC College of Arts and Sciences. She studies natural language processing — how computers understand human languages.

A woman in a lab coat stands in a lab wearing a mask holding up a beaker.

UNC-Chapel Hill research funding tops $1.2 billion

Research at Carolina drives innovation and breakthroughs in many fields of impactful study, from gene therapies and drug development to population studies to coastal resilience.

Left: John Bruno holds a Galapagos brittle star — an “echinoderm” that is related to sea urchins and sea stars. Right: John Bruno stands on a bed of rocks near the water.

Tar Heels in the field in the Galapagos

Meet some of the Carolina researchers who are conducting their research more than 2,600 miles away on the Galapagos Islands. Many of these researchers are in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Colleen McCann stands in front of a dramatic staircase. She wears a dark green suit.

An interview with senior Colleen McCann

The Tar Heel studies proteins to diminish diseases, such as heart failure and Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more about her in this Q&A with UNC Research.

A headshot of Jordan Feldman who wears a Puma t-shirt

Inside Puma’s performance lab with senior Jordan Feldman

The biomedical and health sciences engineering student in the College is putting her skills to work this summer as a member of Puma’s Footwear Innovation team.

Varun Potlapalli stands in front of the Old Well. A graphic overlaid on top of the image reads #GDTBATH Varun Potlapalli

Chancellor’s Science Scholar Varun Potlapalli has eyes on his future

The rising senior and biochemistry major spent this summer shadowing doctors and attending grand rounds at UNC Hospitals to prepare for his MD-Ph.D. program post-graduation.