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Troubled waters: There’s more beneath the surface of the BP oil spill

UNC researchers are finding there’s more beneath the surface of the BP oil spill.

Total Immersion: The art and science of water in our world

Water. Life depends on it, and starting this fall the Carolina campus is becoming immersed in it. On World Water Day last spring, UNC announced that water would be the focus of a two-year, campuswide academic theme called “Water in Our World.”

Meet the Teacher: Jean DeSaix, biology

Jean DeSaix has taught about 800 students in each of her nearly 40 years at Carolina. She was recently recognized for long-term contributions to teaching and mentoring.

Water Woes: Top five water worries for N.C. and the world

As UNC kicks off a new, two-year academic theme around water, we asked Larry Band to break down the top five water worries for North Carolina and the world. Band is director of UNC’s Institute for the Environment and the Voit Gilmore Distinguished Professor of Geography.

Meet a Tar Heel: Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson jokes about how many times she changed her major, but her path to academic success illustrates the beauty of Carolina’s General College and the many research opportunities available to students.

Scientists show how DNA blueprint functions

UNC scientists were co-principal investigators and collaborators for projects described in the Sept. 6 special issue of the journal Nature describing the ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements) Project. The Human Genome Project produced an almost complete list of the 3 billion pairs of chemical letters in the DNA that embodies the genetic code — but little about the way this … Continued

Classroom on the Water

As UNC marine scientist Marc Alperin says, “You can’t study the environment without going into the environment.” Going “into the environment” is what this unique marine science class is all about. (WATCH A VIDEO)