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Chemist Jeffrey Dick awarded prestigious Sloan Research Fellowship

Jeffrey Dick, assistant professor of chemistry in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was recently named a 2021 Sloan Research Fellow.  

Xiao-Ming Liu seen collecting water samples

Unearthing the Planet’s History

How did the planet become what it is today? UNC geochemist Xiao-Ming Liu collects samples of soil, rocks, and water from places like Hawaii to find the answer.

Bartolome Island is one of the most frequently visited sites in the Galpagos archipelago. (photo by Megan May). Photo is a wide angle view of the island, with mountains and the ocean.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

About 71 percent of Earth is water. Of that water, 96.5 percent is oceans. So why do most air pollution and emissions studies focus on terrestrial research? An interdisciplinary team of UNC researchers has combined their expertise to determine how much marine-source emissions impact human health and the earth.

Malvika Choudhari standing outside of a UNC building

#GDTBATH: Malvika Choudhari

Sophomore Malvika Choudhari has taken on a new role as a Carolina Together Ambassador in an effort to keep her friends and fellow Tar Heels safe and together in Chapel Hill this spring.

Joanna Kuang

#GDTBATH: Joanna Kuang

Senior psychology major Joanna Kuang has spent many hours at Carolina helping others find wellness through the Pilates classes she teaches at UNC Campus Recreation.

group of innovators shown wearing their new mask invention

Building smarter so we can breathe easier

A UNC biomedical engineering professor’s knack for entrepreneurial resourcefulness helped him jumpstart the development of an innovative face mask device – and a new startup company.

Bell tower on UNC-Chapel Hill's campus during Spring

The 2021 Graduate School Dean’s Distinguished Dissertation Awards

Each year, The Graduate School recognizes four doctoral candidates or recent doctoral graduates for creating exceptional dissertations.