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Senay Yitbarek stands in front of a Galapagos sign.

Seed grant funds biology professor’s Galapagos research

Thanks to a Center for Galapagos Studies seed grant, Senay Yitbarek traveled to the Galapagos this summer to conduct research on host-pathogen dynamics on San Cristobal Island.

headshot of Mohit Bansal

Bansal receives Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Young Alumnus Award

John R. & Louise S. Parker Professor Mohit Bansal was recognized with the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Young Alumnus Award for 2023. 

Two puzzle pieces showing an interlocking red heart lie on a wood plank on the ground.

Gratitude and shared laughter are like probiotics for your relationship

UNC psychologist Sara Algoe and her team are taking a deep dive into what makes couples love, bond and stay happy — together.

John Migliore stands in an airplane hangar in front of a "United States Air Force" craft.

Testing the limits of an ancient artform to increase aircraft range

Through an internship with the U.S. Department of Defense, John Migliore, a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in the departments of applied physical sciences and chemistry, tested the effect of high-performance polymers on ceramic materials for their use in aircraft engines.

Richard Marks holds up a PlayStation VR headset with his pointer finger, examining it.

From Sony to Google to UNC: UNC computer science welcomes Dr. Richard Marks

Richard Marks, a new professor in the department of computer science and the School of Data Science and Society, reflects on the strategies he has developed in the tech industry, including at Sony and PlayStation, and what he hopes to bring to computer science education at UNC.

Inside the Jinsong Lab, Mengru Wang looks into a microscope while Jinsong Huang looks on.

Applied physical sciences study finds specialized chemicals would increase efficiency of solar cells

Jinsong Huang, professor in the department of applied physical sciences, and his colleagues published a paper explaining how solar cells would increase in efficiency and durability if specialized chemicals were used in their manufacture.

Professional waist-up shot of Angel Hsu in front of a mottled green and purple background.

EnviroLab gets NASA grant for heat mapping

With the support of a new $1.5 million grant from NASA, the Data-Driven EnviroLab will evaluate disparities in heat stress from environmental and climate injustices across the U.S.