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Woman sits on bench with dog. She's wearing a mask. The words It's a Great Day are written on the photo.

#GDTBATH: Tori Bobrowski

After she graduates from Carolina, sociology and psychology major Tori Bobrowski hopes to earn a master’s degree in social work. But the senior has already started serving and supporting community members in need.

Electoral College cartoon ballot box with vote

Rethinking election traditions

The Founding Fathers thought the Electoral College was a good idea, and Congress picked Tuesday as the best day to vote back in 1845. But are these election traditions still relevant today?

Landscape photo shows the paramo or high altitude grasslands in Ecuador.

A Terrific Trio

Three undergraduate researchers, under the leadership of UNC-Chapel Hill geographer Diego Riveros-Iregui, spent two months in Ecuador’s northern Andes Mountains exploring climate change.

Photo of William Sturkey in front of a brick wall

Hettleman Award winner William Sturkey

William Sturkey is an associate professor in the Department of History and a recipient of the 2020 Hettleman Award for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement.

Larry Sabato

Election analyst Larry Sabato to deliver Frey Lecture Oct. 28

Election analyst and Frey Foundation Distinguished Visiting Professor Larry Sabato will speak about the November election in a conversation with UNC political science professor Jason Roberts on Oct. 28 at 5:30 p.m.. Learn more about the webinar.

Photo of Professor Noreen McDonald

Making “Public” Economic Data Accessible

Professor Noreen McDonald and her team are collecting data in four major categories: employment, spending, transportation, and housing.

Fall 2020 Carolina Arts & Sciences magazine is now online

The fall 2020 issue of Carolina Arts & Sciences — our first virtual-only issue in our 15 years of publication, a change made due to the pandemic — is now online.