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Interview with Professor Ji-Yeon Jo: COVID-19 in South Korea

Professor Ji-Yeon Jo, Associate Professor of Korean Studies and Director of the Carolina Asia Center, talks through the basics of COVID-19 in South Korea.

Caela O'Connell

Pandemic Lessons

College of Arts & Sciences faculty are pivoting their course content to address issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching students to think creatively and to conduct research to benefit communities.

housing opportunity finder

Housing Opportunity Finder Website Launched

The UNC Center for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS) is proud to announce the launch of the Housing Opportunity Finder website.

Revised Pass/Fail Grading Policy for Spring and Summer 2020 FAQ for Students

An FAQ for undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences about the revised grading policy for spring 2020.

Message from Dean Terry Rhodes

A message from Terry Rhodes to faculty and graduate teaching assistants in the College of Arts & Sciences sent on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

Triptych of Savannah Faircloth's drawings

The Art of French Drawing

UNC senior Savannah Faircloth traveled to Paris in the summer of 2019 to learn about French culinary culture and the relationship Parisians have with food. Then, she drew their portraits.

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College of Arts & Sciences COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions for Instructors

The purpose of this FAQ is to answer questions that the Dean’s Office is receiving from faculty, teaching assistants and other instructors of record. It is not meant to be a complete set of answers to all questions, and it will be updated as needed.