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Download this checklist, including a plan for your group’s updated policies here: CAS- Lab plan template (last updated May 28, 2020). 


  • Have each member of your group returning to campus complete Environment Health and Safety training ( for complying with COVID-19-related policy.
  • Confirm your PPE supply and, for PIs in Chemistry, Biology, and APS, work with your departmental coordinator to order supplies such as hand sanitizer and masks. PIs from all other department should sign up for a pickup time in Chapman Hall following the instructions provided separately.
  • Consider purchasing keyboard covers and wrapping computer mice in Ziploc bags to facilitate sanitation.
  • Inspect the lab for any damage or lost material:
  • Check that Hoods are functioning properly.
  • Check Isopropyl alcohol and ethanol inventory.
  • Check that gas cylinders are still secured and valves are closed.
  • Inspect hazardous material inventory.
  • Inspect all refrigerators, freezers, and incubators.
  • Inspect electrical equipment.
  • Determine the number of face shields and plexiglass barriers you may need between instruments and order from the Physics Machine Shop or BeAM.

Returning to lab

  • Create laboratory policy using the template below
  • Place excess seating in storage to reinforce distancing.
  • Check instrumentation/bring back online.
  • Check eye wash stations and flush for at least 10 minutes.
  • Modify SOPs to include sanitization protocols and post in a visible region on or around the instrument.
  • Update websites with relevant information.
  • Wipe lab surfaces using ≥70% EtOH or IPA solution.
  • Develop a communication strategy for your group members.
  • Start a log to track personnel reporting to and leaving work.
  • Clearly post the maximum occupancy level for each lab on the outside of each door.
  • Pre-arrange any necessary visits from service engineers.
  • Schedule Zoom meetings to talk through the new operating procedures before your group begins reopening operations.

List of relevant contact information and resources

  • University Employee Occupational Health Clinic: 919-966-9119
  • UNC Campus Health: 919-966-2281
  • Ethics Point Hotline: 866-294-8688
  • Guidance regarding masks and Covid-19 research operation training:
  • Request a disabilities accommodation:


Complete and download this form: [INSERT PI NAME] Group Resumption of Research Operations Last updated: May XX, 2020 Submit a plan that details your group’s policies for social distancing, shift work, sanitization, and maintaining a safe working environment to [INSERT DEPARMENT CONTACT]. Group demographics: # of graduate students # of postdocs # of research staff # of visiting scientists # of undergraduate researchers

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