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Junior Jonathan Thai has been captivated by magic since he saw his cousin perform a card trick years ago. As he works on mastering the craft himself, he’s bringing his passion for magic to Chapel Hill and creating a community of Tar Heel magicians in a new student organization.


Jonathan Thai’s cousin was the first person to open him to the world of magic through a simple card trick.

It was that simpleness — and the ability to turn it into something magical through showmanship — that hooked the Carolina junior.

As his passion for magic grew, the neuroscience major began looking for a community of magicians to share his interests and craft with. That led him to form the Tar Heel Club of Magic. The student organization is an opportunity for Carolina students interested in magic to learn from each other.

Press the play button above to learn more about Thai’s path to forming the Tar Heel Club of Magic

By John Roberts, University Communications

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