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Beverly Loftin sits in front of a Zoom screen with water and trees in the background.
Beverly Loftin

Beverly Loftin, business manager in the departments of physics and astronomy and applied physical sciences in the College of Arts & Sciences, was named the 2022 University Manager of the Year.

The award was presented at the University Manager’s Association (UMA)’s annual meeting on May 26. The Manager of the Year Award is sponsored by the UMA and is based on university career accomplishments, both within and beyond normal job responsibilities, or a specific accomplishment made within the previous 12 months that has been of major significance.

Loftin has been with the department of physics and astronomy for 15 years, starting as the HR manager in March 2007 and was promoted to business manager in September 2009, where she has been ever since. As of 2020, she has also been taking on the role of department manager for the applied physical sciences department. Before joining UNC, she worked as the general manager for Marx Industries and Prelude Foam.

Frank Tsui, professor and department chair of the department of physics and astronomy, said that she has been an outstanding leader and has always gone above and beyond the call of duty.

“Beverly is a leader who can hold the staff (two departments) together, especially in the face of tremendous challenges, primarily due to pandemic and fiscal constraints,” Tsui said. “She exemplifies what a quintessential best manager should look like, a leader and facilitator who keeps everything afloat within and well beyond her ‘normal” responsibilities.’ In my opinion as the department chair, she is the best manager on the Carolina campus, deserving the Manager of the Year honor.”

Other nominators also praised Loftin for her outstanding work:

  • Heidi Harkins, associate chair of departmental initiatives in applied physical sciences, wrote: “Beverly handles the myriad challenges of managing two departments with expertise, grace and tremendous resolve. She approaches each new challenge with a problem-solving lens and engages team members as appropriate to consider all options.”
  • Cassandra Houston, biophysics administrative assistant, wrote: “From day one Bev made sure she learned everyone’s position, learned what we did and how it was done. … She’s a ‘go getter,’ and she has a ‘can-do’ attitude. If she does not know it, she will figure it out and file it away for future reference.”

By Brandon Gammon, Applied Physical Sciences


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