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Dear Colleagues,

The Carolina Ready program is a University-wide public safety campaign to help you be informed, prepared, and ready to take action when emergencies occur. In preparing for a safe and productive Spring of ’23, you should review the new resources the program provides (see below) and look for a security sheet or sticker like the one hyperlinked in the PDF below in your classrooms. The QR code is a quick way to link to safety resources for the classroom.


The tools and information below are the result of collaboration between Campus Safety Officials and Classroom Policy Steering Committee. They provide easy, actionable steps you can take to help keep our community safe.

New Resources:

  • Single-source Faculty Preparedness Resource Webpage on the Carolina Ready site –
  • Webpage with images of classroom door locks and instructions on how to operate them –
  • Classroom Emergency Preparedness info sheet with QR Code at the lectern of each classroom (see attached)
  • Checklist to help faculty get better acquainted with their classrooms at the start of each semester.

Before classes start we ask that you take three simple steps to help keep our campus safe:

  1. Read the Faculty Classroom Preparedness webpage
  2. Complete the Faculty Checklist for Classroom Preparedness
  3. Review and incorporate the Faculty Preparedness in the Classroom script into your Day 1 lesson plan

There are other small but significant steps you can take to make our community safer. You can make a habit of locating the security sheet placed in each classroom, which has a convenient QR code that allows you to access Carolina Ready resources on demand. We also encourage you to complete the Emergency Preparedness 101 online training.

Let’s make a commitment to be Carolina Ready in the classroom in 2023.

James W.C. White



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