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The aim of the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) is to forward the College’s goals and values concerning diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The DAC, made up of faculty and staff from across the College, advises the Dean and Senior Associate Dean for DEI (SADDEI) on diversity issues, proposing strategies for enhancing diversity among faculty and staff in the College, and supporting DEI efforts in departments and units. Additionally, the committee is charged with critically reviewing the College’s progress in DEI and making recommendations to the Dean on strategies to create a culture of inclusivity and equity for faculty, students, and staff.

Responsibilities of the Committee

  • Provide consultation and feedback on overall College and campus climate
  • Serve in an advisory capacity related to the implementation and monitoring of key action steps outlined in the College’s DEI strategic plan.
  • Consult on the development of programs within the College that aid in the recruitment, retention, productivity, and success of faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds
  • Serve as a liaison between faculty, staff, and the Dean’s Office, soliciting feedback and sharing communication.


The DAC is comprised of a total of 30 faculty and staff who represent the divisions, offices, ranks, and employee roles across the College. Four members of the committee, including the Dean and SADDEI are from the Dean’s Office.

Committee members currently serve a three-year term.

Committee members also serve on one of four subcommittees of the DEI Strategic Plan

Meeting Schedule

The DAC meets at least twice annually.

Current Advisory Committee


Andy Lang
Associate Dean of Information Technology and Data Analytics
Climate Subcommittee
Ashante Diallo
Associate Dean for Human Resources
Pay Equity Subcommittee
Donald Planey
Teaching Assistant Professor, City & Regional Planning
Repair Subcommittee
Heidi Kim
Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Repair Subcommittee
Idris Asani
Professor, Math
Pay Equity Subcommittee
Iheoma Iruka
Research Professor of Public Policy
Climate Subcommittee
Isaac Unah
Associate Professor of Political Science
Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee
James W.C. White
Craver Family Dean
Jason Clemmons
Director of Curriculum, Recruiting & Operations, Honors
Pay Equity Subcommittee
John Majikes
Teaching Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee
Jonah Hodge
Student Services Specialist, Communication
Repair Subcommittee
Joy Montemorano
Business Operations Executive Assistant
Climate Subcommittee
Karla Slocum
Senior Associate Dean for DEI
Kristin Richards
Graduation Coordinator, Academic Advising
Climate Subcommittee
Kymberly Burkhead-Dalton
Associate Director of Development, Arts & Sciences Foundation
Repair Subcommittee
Leslie Hicks
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Pay Equity Subcommittee
Lola Tasar
Student Services Specialist, Linguistics, Women's and Gender Studies
Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee
Lori Shamblin
Executive Assistant to the Chair, Biology
Pay Equity Subcommittee
Marc ter Horst
NMR Lab Director, Chemistry
Climate Subcommittee
Martin Sueldo
Teaching Associate Professor, Romance Studies
Climate Subcommittee
Mel'Leeah Robinson
Social/Clinical Research Assistant, Exercise and Sport Science
Repair Subcommittee
Miguel LaSerna
Professor, History
Climate Subcommittee
Priscilla Layne
Associate Professor of Germanic & Slavic Languages and Literatures
Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee
Sandra Lazo de la Vega
Program Coordinator, City and Regional Planning
Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee
Sandra Rayne
Research Specialist, Geography
Pay Equity Subcommittee
Shauna Cooper
Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience
Pay Equity Subcommittee
Suzanne Lye
Assistant Professor, Classics
Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee
Tommie Watson
Executive Director, Institute for the Arts and Humanities
Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee
Warren Christian
ESL Specialist, Writing and Learning Center
Repair Subcommittee
Zach Kerr
Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sport Science
Climate Subcommittee