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Images of the Great Plague in London in 1665.

Exploring contagion through the lens of Shakespeare

We recently chatted with Floyd-Wilson about the relevance of the book Contagion and the Shakespearean Stage in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Triffin Morris' work space for teaching remotely. (Image courtesy of Triffin Morris)

Carolina People: Triffin Morris and Jennifer Bayang

Morris and Bayang found a way for costume production students to finish their projects remotely by mailing them sewing supplies and equipment.

Caela O'Connell

Pandemic Lessons

College of Arts & Sciences faculty are pivoting their course content to address issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching students to think creatively and to conduct research to benefit communities.

Jennifer Larson

Carolina People: Jennifer Larson

Larson is using her experience teaching online courses to serve as a peer mentor to her colleagues during the University’s transition to remote learning.

magic of classics

The Magic of Classics

Classicists help connect our lives to those of the ancient world, but in Suzanne Lye’s course on magic and religion, her students do more than just connect — they create.

Old Well and tulips

Revised Pass/Fail Grading Policy for Spring and Summer 2020 FAQ for Students

An FAQ for undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences about the revised grading policy for spring 2020.

Pink Dogwoods bloom in front of the Old Well in early spring on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Message from Dean Terry Rhodes

A message from Terry Rhodes to faculty and graduate teaching assistants in the College of Arts & Sciences sent on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.