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An illustration of the interior of Jane Austen's writing room at Chawton Cottage. There's a portable writing desk, a chair, a bookcase, paintings on the wall, etc.

Jane Austen’s Desk

A new NEH grant will support UNC scholars’ creation of an immersive web environment designed to bring Jane Austen’s writing room — and her world — to life.

Medical robot inside catheter.

Bloomable robot, folding electronics enhance patient treatment

A research team including Wubin Bai, assistant professor in the department of applied physical sciences, has developed “bloomable” robots, microelectronics that fold to fit inside catheters for more effective and safer implementation.

A collage of 11 smiling student faces fills the graphic with the words 2023 Impact Awards written on it.

Impact Awards honor graduate student research and contributions to North Carolina

The Graduate School announced its 2023 Impact Awards, which are designed to recognize the significance of graduate student research and students’ contributions to North Carolina in areas of education, economic, physical, social or cultural well-being. Three winners are from the College.

Closeup of a group of teens using their cell phones.

Carolina study shows habitual checking of social media may impact young adolescents’ brain development

The study provides some of the first findings on how social media usage could have long-standing and important consequences on the development of adolescent brains.

Closeup of gloved hands holding someting in a lab with plusing light. It's dark in the lab.

Carolina maintains its rankings as a leading U.S. research institution

Between July 2020 and the end of June 2021, Carolina increased its annual research expenditures to $1.2 billion across all fields, with federal awards accounting for $748 million. The College of Arts and Sciences is the third-largest research enterprise on campus ($134.8M in FY22).

A black and white photo of Mike Piehler sitting on the banks of a creek surrounded by old trees and tree roots and his reflection in the water.

Rooted: Mike Piehler

Mike Piehler has been contributing to research at Carolina for 25 years. He was recently featured in the Office of UNC Research’s feature “Rooted.”

This illustration shows the Surface Water and Ocean Topography satellite in orbit with its solar panels and KaRIn instrument antennas deployed. Credits: CNES

Hydrologist leads science behind SWOT satellite

NASA’s Dec. 15 launch of an eye in the sky to monitor Earth’s water follows 18 years of work by Tamlin Pavelsky, a professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, and a global team.