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Ronit Freeman stands smiling at the camera. Behind her is a wall with words on it including "Self-Assembly, DNA, Nanotechnology, Tissue Engineering, Stem Cells and more" listed in a "word cloud" formation.

Freeman receives Cottrell Scholar Award

The associate professor of applied physical sciences has been recognized as a rising star in chemistry.

Keerthi Anand bends over equipment he is working on in the lab.

From research to impact — ultrasound imaging and the future of stroke prevention

Rather than treating a stroke patient in the aftermath of the medical episode, what if a proactive measure was taken? A measure that would help prevent strokes altogether? 

: Taylor S. Teitsworth (with James Cahoon, left) uses a cryogenic probe station, which allows her to perform electrical measurements on semiconductor nanowire materials at very low temperatures.

Designer silicon nanowires can produce hydrogen from water and light

UNC researchers James Cahoon and Taylor Teitsworth show how silicon nanowires that can convert light into electricity were engineered to split water into hydrogen and oxygen in a paper published Feb. 8 in Nature.

Students Julia Elliot and Anna Smith hold clipboards on the beach at sunrise.

Surveying the parks

Senior Julia Elliott spent a semester learning about coastal ecology and policy with the Park Service at the Outer Banks Field Site.

A collage of headshots, from left to right: Carol Arnosti, Melinda Beck, Michael Crimmins, Barbara Fredrickson.

AAAS selects 4 faculty as fellows

College of Arts and Sciences and Gillings professors receive one of the most distinguished honors in the scientific community.

A view of water flowing through the Appalachian Mountains at the Highlands Biological Station.

Desperately Seeking Salamanders

Two undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences search for salamanders in western North Carolina — and find so much more.

Medical robot inside catheter.

Bloomable robot, folding electronics enhance patient treatment

A research team including Wubin Bai, assistant professor in the department of applied physical sciences, has developed “bloomable” robots, microelectronics that fold to fit inside catheters for more effective and safer implementation.