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The backs of a line of children playing outside on the grass, dressed in warm weather attire.

Early deprivation continues to affect brain development well into adolescence

A new study published on Oct. 7 in Science Advances shows that early deprivation continues to affect brain development well into adolescence. “We know … that experiences early in life shape brain development but until now, this has never been shown conclusively in humans,” says Margaret Sheridan, a clinical psychologist at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Madison Milotte stands in the fields at Peri-winkle farm with a butterfly net in hand.

UNC junior studies how climate change might disrupt butterfly life cycles

Madison Milotte used a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship to study how increasing temperatures affect the pupation of cabbage white butterflies.

Photo of one of the holy lakes with a village in the distance and surrounded by mountains.

Nepal round three

An interdisciplinary team made its third trip to Nepal to study the effects of climate change on the pristine Gokyo Lakes. Once again the researchers faced daunting challenges, logged some major successes and learned new lessons about adaptability, flexibility and resilience when conducting fieldwork in challenging environments.

Closeup of Zack Hall

Hall receives award to conduct research at DOE national laboratory

Ph.D. candidate Zack Bruce Hall II is one of 44 awardees of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Program, which will allow him research opportunities at the DOE Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

A sculpture made of blue leaves lies on the ground with colorful real fall leaves around it.

Hettleman Prizes awarded to four exceptional early-career faculty

The annual Phillip and Ruth Hettleman Prizes for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement have been awarded to four promising faculty members who exemplify groundbreaking and innovative research along with future career promise.

Brian Hogan sits in front of a large screen showing the periodic table of elements.

A circuitous path

Brian Hogan’s journey to becoming a teaching professor in the College of Arts and Science’s chemistry department has been anything but a straight path. But through perseverance and asking for help, the Tar Heel found a way to quiet the doubt that lingered in the back of his mind.

New research examines ways to potentially diminish partisan animosity

Can we reduce partisan animosity? Researchers find that highlighting commonalities and reducing extremist voices in the news media are among the ways to help overcome division.