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Erika Wise

The Timber Chronicles

As a paleoclimatologist, Erika Wise studies climate trends from the past thousand years. Her methods of inquiry may be complicated — using microscopic crossdating and isotope analysis — but her research begins with something far more common: trees.

Physics and astronomy department wins National Teaching Award

The UNC department of physics and astronomy has won a national teaching award.


Exploring the changing coast of North Carolina

Hard science and creative writing combine in a Carolina course that explores one of the state’s most magnificent treasures.

Tai Huynh

Serving the Chapel Hill community

As senior Tai Huynh begins his final semester at Carolina, he’ll be splitting time between his computer science courses and serving the Town of Chapel Hill as a Town Council member.


Personalized drug delivery in 3D

On a mission for innovation and translational science, Rahima Benhabbour is using 3D-printing technology and her startup company AnelleO to create a breakthrough in women’s health.

CHANL Scientific Art Competition

Science = Art

Let these winners from CHANL’s Scientific Art Competition inspire you to enter your own art.

Detail photo of someone heading up stairwell in FedEx Global. (Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill)

The 10-minute fitness plan

Associate professor Abbie Smith-Ryan’s research shows that short periods of exercise can yield relatively quick health improvements.