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The Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity develops postdocs for possible tenure-track appointments at the University of North Carolina and other research universities.

The Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity (CPPFD) fellowship is one of the oldest diversity fellowship programs in the nation and receives strong support and recognition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and peer institutions. Program support is offered to our postdocs by top level administrators, departments, centers and institutes. The program is part of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, a unit of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

The CPPFD has grown to a continuing class of 10 outstanding scholars who serve a two year appointment. Recruiting is carried out on a national basis, historically attracting scholars predominantly from the humanities but with growing exposure to all fields. More than 185 scholars have participated in the program that had its first scholar in 1983.

As part of a continuing commitment to building a culturally diverse intellectual community and advancing scholars from underrepresented groups in higher education, the program is pleased to announce the availability of postdoctoral research appointments for a period of two years.

The program supports 10 postdoctoral scholars, engaged full-time in research and writing for a two-year term starting July 1.

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