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1. These instructions are for acquiring masks and cleaning/disinfecting supplies for research labs and spaces, not for instructional or other departmental use. The immediate goal is to supply the requirements of research spaces as they reopen. Supplies for other phases of reopening will be handled in future announcements.

2. Our process for distribution assumes that individual PIs are responsible for acquiring supplies for their labs from our central distribution location in Chapman Hall. PIs may wish to make joint requests for single pickup, and whole departments are welcome to cooperate, but department chairs are not responsible for supply distribution.

3. For all departments other than Applied Physical Sciences, Biology, and Chemistry, a general pickup will be staged in the South Entry to Chapman with the help of Shane Brogan in Physics and Astronomy. To avoid crowds, PIs or their designees will register for time slots at the link below. The pickup point will be staffed so no key card access is needed. Please bring a tote bag or box to carry supplies.

The schedule of distributions for the week of June 1 is as follows:

Monday, June 1    10:00 a.m. – noon

Wednesday, June 3 10:00 a.m. – noon

Please sign up for a timeslot here:

(Note that this URL connects to a Signup Genius that requires entering your email and may require opting out of spam emails from them)

4. Initial distributions of masks will be a 10-shift supply (five masks) for each employee in a lab. Cleaning supplies will be a 2 week supply.

5. These plans are subject to change as we refine the process.


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