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Meet a new Tar Heel: Celine Locklear

August 16, 2021

Chancellor’s Science Scholar and incoming first-year student Celine Locklear is eager to get the academic year started and jump into an array of social activities at Carolina.

#GDTBATH: Allison Dawn

May 5, 2021

Senior Allison Dawn has been using drone aerial imagery and tag data to study foraging patterns of blue whales, establishing baseline patterns and behaviors for the animals.

#GDTBATH: Rida Bayraktar

October 15, 2020

Carolina sophomore Rida Bayraktar founded Pink STREAM to educate, motivate, empower and inspire kindergarten through eighth-grade girls in science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and math.

Machine Morality

May 27, 2020

As machines become more autonomous, humans must define the limits of their decision-making. UNC postdoctoral researcher Yochanan Bigman addresses this topic, suggesting where to draw the line when self-governing technology is required to make life-or-death decisions. After a late-night shopping … Continued

Johnny Appleseed of Science

March 20, 2020

UNC-Chapel Hill biologist Bob Goldstein leads DIY microscope-building workshops to empower North Carolina public school teachers.

Legant named 2019 Packard Fellow

October 16, 2019

Wesley Legant of the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the UNC School of Medicine is one of 22 early-career scientists and engineers who will each receive $875,000 over five years from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation to pursue their research.

Personalized drug delivery in 3D

October 11, 2019

On a mission for innovation and translational science, Rahima Benhabbour is using 3D-printing technology and her startup company AnelleO to create a breakthrough in women’s health.