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Shelby Baez sits at a computer in her lab.

The psychology of sport injury

Shelby Baez, an assistant professor in the department of exercise and sport science, helps patients address their fears of returning to sport after traumatic knee injuries.

Kirsten Giesbrecht stands at the Old Well

Biomathematics has her heart

Doctoral student Kirsten Giesbrecht uses mathematical modeling to study the heart in its early developmental stages.

Headshot of Ari Green leaning on a railing in a Chapel Hill neighborhood

‘Root shock’

Graduate student Ari Green is studying the experiences of Black people being displaced from their homes and communities in three urban areas.

An electron microscopy image (falsely colored) of a beta-amyloid-derived peptide exhibiting helical twists.

Drug delivery platform manipulating amyloid proteins key to Alzheimer’s treatment

UNC-Chapel Hill researchers have developed a therapeutic approach that harnesses helical amyloid fibers designed to untwist and release drugs in response to body temperature, according to a study published in Nature Communications. The work is crucial to advancing knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease.

A sign outside the Galapagos Science Center with the center's name, "USFQ," and "UNC-Chapel Hill" written on it.

Center for Galapagos Studies seed grant funds new research on fisheries production

A seed grant from the Center for Galapagos Studies will fund Janet Nye’s research on the relationship between the ecosystem’s oceanography, the species living in the habitat and its upper trophic level production.

Headshots of (left) Wubin Bai and (right) Juan Song

Wearable drug patch shows promise for Alzheimer’s treatment

Researchers in the department of applied physical sciences and the department of pharmacology are developing a wearable patch for subcutaneous drug delivery, which shows promise for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders and neurological injuries.

Two female students work together at a table solving an engineering problem.

UNC to offer undergraduate degree in applied sciences in fall 2024

Beginning this fall, the College of Arts and Sciences’ department of applied physical sciences will offer a B.S. in applied sciences that connects engineering to the liberal arts.